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It has been over a year since Kathy Griffin‘s career took a nosedive after she held up a bloodied mask of Donald Trump, representing his severed head. She thought she would get laughs. Instead, she was skewered by people on both sides of the aisle. But, the comedian, turned bitter political activist, claims she is back and even proudly equated herself to a pig in a bizarre interview.

Griffin has been jumpstarting her career with the help of leftists from the Resistance who don’t mind using violent undertones in their rhetoric against President Trump and his supporters. Griffin initially apologized for her outlandish and threatening photo-op as sponsors abandoned her and her gigs were canceled. But, now she continually retracts that apology and is attempting to dial up her inflammatory attacks.

“I personally am very comfortable down in the mud,” Griffin oinked when asked by ABC why she doesn’t want to be civil towards people who disagree with her. She proved just that when a woman on the street walked past her and said she supports President Trump. The red-headed sourpuss chased the woman down to yell at her.

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Just last year, Griffin couldn’t get a gig. CNN was forced to nix her from their New Year’s Eve special because of all the outrage. Things got so bad that even Squatty Potty dropped her as a spokesperson. Let that sink in… Squatty Potty.┬áNow that the left is embracing violence and open hostility towards Republicans with the upcoming midterm elections, they are putting Kathy Griffin front and center.

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ABC sat down with Griffin before her sold-out show at Carnegie Hall. It was not a very favorable interview for the ginger former funny lady who said, “I just won’t go down.” It appears she already has.


Griffin says she deals in facts, but she doesn’t. Like her fellow leftists, she mistakes her opinions for facts. At least she admitted that she’s a pig who likes to play in the mud. But, we already knew that.

Source: ABC News

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