Hulk Hogan Heading To Saudi Arabia? + Alexa Bliss Update

-Now controversial WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan is making rounds in the media again. Recently, Hogan spoke to the Orlando Sentinel about his future with the company. It has long been rumored or expected that the hugely popular Hulkster would find his way to the Middle East to have a hand in Crown Jewel.

While nothing has still been announced, Hulk Hogan told the paper that he was looking forward to heading to Saudi Arabia for WWE, as well as working future events for them (he specifically mentioned WrestleMania).

The comments are curious for several reasons. On one hand, while Hogan has been reinstated, there’s been no official word that he’s back under an active appearances contract with WWE. For another, the entire Crown Jewel event is looking to be in jeopardy, and over the last several weeks WWE has gone to great lengths to not mention Saudi Arabia due to backlash.

Based on Hogan’s comments, it seems we can expect to see him on Crown Jewel, if Crown Jewel happens as expected.

-It has been reported that Alexa Bliss missed a show over the weekend, and rumors quickly pointed to a possible injury issue. While there’s been no official word, it appears the concern is that the former Women’s Champion suffered either a concussion or a broken nose (or perhaps both).

What has been said is that WWE had pulled her from shows in order to help her be as close to 100 percent for Sunday’s significant Evolution PPV. Alexa Bliss has said she’s been at home resting, but will definitely be at Evolution to take part in her big tag team match.

If she did indeed suffer either (or both) injuries, as suspected, chances are she won’t be at full strength for the all women’s show on Sunday. However, by keeping her off of television and giving her a chance to rest, she should be in a better state of health come Sunday. Also, considering she’s working a tag match, if she is in fact limited by any lingering injury issues, WWE can protect her rather easily should they need to do so.

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