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A judge ruled that Joe Giudice will be deported to Italy after he finishes serving his 41-month prison sentence for mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud and failing to pay his taxes. His “Real Housewives of New Jersey” wife Teresa has reached out to President Trump for help, but the White House is saying arrivederci to the reality stars.

Teresa Giudice was a contestant on “Celebrity Apprentice” a few years back. She has maintained her friendship with the Trump children since appearing on the show, so she was hopeful that the President could intervene on behalf of her husband. Teresa wrote a letter to Trump, but the President, who is strict about illegal immigration, is not providing the Giudices an exception.

Giuseppe Giudice came to the United States as an infant and claims he was unaware that he wasn’t a citizen. An immigration judge didn’t buy the story and decided to that Giudice is to return to Italy. The reality star had plenty of time over the course of his life to become a citizen. His status came to light when he had to face the reality of his crimes.

President Trump didn’t want to hear it. He has taken a heavy-handed approach on people who are here illegally and he is not giving the Giudices a pass on this matter because he knows them. The Giudices have stated in the past that if Joe is deported, they will move to Italy as a family. Teresa already served eleven months for her crimes. Her attorney has emphatically stated that she will not seek a divorce because of her husband’s deportation.

Joe has thirty days to appeal the judges ruling. As of now, he is facing deportation when he will be released from prison March 14, 2019. Italy is certainly better than prison but this will be a dramatic change for the reality show family.

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