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Ever since President Donald Trump took office, Hollywood star Robert De Niro has been speaking out against him constantly like it’s his job. Now, De Niro has reemerged once again to bash both the president and his supporters.

Yahoo News reported that while appearing on “The Alec Baldwin Show” over the weekend, De Niro took the opportunity to slam GOP politicians who have teamed up with Trump.

“Many of these people who are tied to Trump are going to be tainted for the rest of their lives,” he said.

De Niro Lashes Out

De Niro also had some choice words for the Americans who voted Trump into office.

“They think they want to be with him and it’s going to make them something but they are paying such a price making a deal with the Devil, it’s scary,” he said.

As for Trump himself, De Niro still has no respect for him.

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“I know what he is and he knows what he is, cause everything he says about other people – you’re a loser, you’re a this, you’re a that, is everything you’re saying about yourself,” the actor said. “He’s so transparent he’s projecting.”

Rants like this against Trump and his supporters have become all too common in the liberal world of Hollywood. For some reason, actors like De Niro seem to think that the rest of us care about what he thinks politically. When it comes down to it, wealthy Hollywood stars like De Niro can’t stand Trump because unlike Barack Obama, he did not become president to help fill their pockets. Trump has never cared what the rich and famous of Hollywood think of him. Instead, he became president to help working-class Americans.

With this rant, De Niro is only showing how out of touch he is. In vilifying Trump’s supporters, he is only bringing them closer together and incentivizing them to get out and vote. If De Niro and his pals in Hollywood keep this up, they might just get Trump reelected in 2020!

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