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59-year-old Chris Blick has lived in his Bronx neighborhood for nearly two decades. As he sat in a pizzeria earlier this month using his laptop and minding his own business, he became the victim of what appeared to be a racially-motivated attack.

“Look at this f—ing white guy! These f—ing white people think they own the world!” a man yelled at Blick, according to New York Daily News. As Blick tried to leave, the man got in his way to stop him from exiting, and then punched him squarely in the face.

The punch was so hard it fractured his eye socket and tore his retina.

“He turns around, he starts pointing to me,” Blick said of his attacker. “He’s talking to the people at the table, just rattling on about how ‘White people are the devils of the world, I hate white people, we should get rid of white people.’”

“Look at this f—ing white guy! These f—ing white people think they own the world!”

Political and racial tension often seems to be at an all time high in America, where politicians and activists on all sides seem to have no qualms about inciting anger that could easily turn into violence. We are seeing too much of this in politics particularly this week, where Republican politicians in two different states were assaulted by what seemed to be mentally unstable people with a liberal bent.

Watch the attack below:

We thankfully have free speech in America. But that freedom should be tempered with the responsibility that we should do everything we can not to encourage the mentally ill to do physical harm to others.

God only knows what was going through this attacker’s mind as he randomly walked into a pizzeria, began harassing the first white person he saw for no reason, and then violently attacked him for what appeared to be no other reason than the color of his skin.

Police describe the attacker as “black, with dark skin and a beard, about 5-foot-10, wearing a black baseball cap, gray sweatpants and a waist-length jacket.”

Any tips can be directed to Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

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