Becky Lynch Versus Charlotte Expected to Be Best Match of Evolution!

Evolution, the first ever all-women's WWE event, should have been one of the biggest events of the wrestling year but the WWE has done little to promote it.

Even though Evolution, the first ever all-women’s WWE event, should have been one of the biggest events of the wrestling year, the WWE have done little effort to build an amazing event. That being said, there is one match on the card that could prove to be extraordinary — Charlotte Versus Becky Lynch.

The Only Interesting Rivalry – Charlotte V. Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch

There has been little promotion leading up to Evolution even on this week’s Raw and SmackDown but there will be a pair of roundtables featuring Superstars from Raw, SmackDown LIVE, and NXT, and a live interview with Stephanie McMahon.

Still, the only match that has a solid build is the match between Charlotte and Becky Lynch.

The storyline between Becky and Charlotte rocks! But, the WWE cannot understand why the crowd will not boo Becky, a heel. However, the Universe is extremely happy with Becky finally being the champion she deserves.

Becky Lynch is an amazing heel, so I hope the WWE keep it that way. Charlotte is an exquisite heel herself, so they could eventually turn the pair into a tag team (if the WWE is planning to put on a women’s tag team division).

Going back to the question at hand, Becky versus Charlotte is expected to be the match of the night. Both women have extensive experience and put on an amazing match last time they were in the ring together. In many people’s opinion, no other match on the roster can compete.

What About Rousey Versus Bella?

I love Ronda Rousey, but I do find that this booking was mishandled. The storyline for the match could have been a hundred times better.

A basic storyline with a former champion who only returned for a big match. Don’t get me wrong, Nikki is a fantastic heel, but I just do not see the point of the storyline and the match in general. However, another way to look at it is the meshing of two eras – the Divas and a cross-over champion.

While I am sure Ronda will impress with her amazing skills she has put on display for us already, I don’t really know what to expect from the Nikki and Ronda combination.

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