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Ever since Donald Trump took office, liberal snowflakes everywhere have been triggered by him left and right. Hollywood star Barbra Streisand jumped on the bandwagon to whine about how hard Trump’s presidency has been on her.

Breitbart reported that despite the fact that it has been nearly two years since the election, Streisand lamented that she still feels “numb” from it.

“Here was a woman who was so articulate, so experienced, so compassionate. It’s what we’re missing here. There’s no compassion, you know? Lock up children, pull them away from their parents,” she said, conveniently ignoring the fact that these separations at the border were happening while her beloved Barack Obama was in office.

“I was in tears.”

“So, I was in tears,” Streisand continued. “We walked around of kind of numb. I’m still a little bit numb because I can’t believe it happened, since, you know, Hillary got 2.9 million more votes than Trump and she’s not the president, so I don’t know. This antiquated Electoral College doesn’t sit well with me. It’s not fair. I think the people should vote for who the leader is of our country.”

It should come as no surprise that a shameless liberal like Streisand would want the Electoral College to be abolished. If this were to happen, the liberal elitists on the east and west coasts would be able to elect Democratic presidents every election. Liberal snobs like Streisand would love to silence the conservative voices of the Midwest, but we aren’t about to let that happen.

“This is a dangerous time in this nation, this republic: a man who is corrupt and indecent and is assaulting our institutions,” she said of Trump. “It’s really, really frightening. And I just pray that people who are compassionate and respect the truth will come out and vote.”

Streisand and her fellow wealthy liberal elitists of Hollywood can’t stand Trump because he did not become president to help fill their pockets. Instead, he became president to help the working class Americans who desperately needed it. Streisand is completely out of touch with what these working Americans need from a president. She can poo poo Trump from her mansion in Beverly Hills as much as she wants, but he will continue to do whatever it takes to make this country great again!

Oh, Barbra. So easy to pass judgment from your ivory tower. Good thing we know better than to take you seriously.

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