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Barbra Streisand is so blinded by her hatred of Donald Trump that she doesn’t realize how absurd her complaints are. Streisand obviously suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Previously, she blamed the President for her weight gain, now she is attacking him for his choice to not have a pet. All of the mud she has slung at the President hasn’t stuck so she is trying a new approach. She thinks he’s unqualified for office because he doesn’t own a dog!

Having a dog is not a requirement to be President of the United States and there are plenty of reasons people don’t own dogs. Some people are allergic. Others might realize they don’t have enough time to dedicate to the animal, which is especially understandable in Donald Trump’s case, considering running the country doesn’t leave a lot of extra time to spend with a canine friend.

Trump is a New York City native. The fact is that it is very hard to have a dog in the city, particularly when you work long hours like the President does. Most New Yorkers don’t have dogs. Does Streisand believe that disqualifies all of them from holding office?

It’s also worth noting President Trump does like dogs. There are plenty of pictures of him enjoying the company of them. In addition, he allows dogs in his high-end hotel chain – something most hotels don’t. But of course, this is not enough for Streisand who has assumed the role of the Dog Police.

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Barbra Streisand doesn’t have a lot of room to lecture anyone on having a dog. While dogs are being euthanized in shelters daily and left to sit and wonder if they’ll ever have a family again, Babs decided instead of rescuing, she would actually clone her dog. Four puppies were created from her dog Sammy’s DNA. Streisand kept two of the puppies and gave the other two others to friends. Let that sink in.

Creating factory dogs must have cost her a fortune. That money could have saved the lives of countless dogs and funded rescue organizations. Instead, Babs wanted to play God and make actual duplicates of her dead dog.

Last week, Streisand released a Trump-hating song. That didn’t change anyone’s minds about the President as he is still in the Oval Office, so now she felt the need to attack him for not owning a dog. While many of us who are pet owners can’t imagine living without a dog, it’s an individual decision and not one that should reflect someone’s character.

Source: Breitbart

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