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Alex Trebek might want to reconsider giving up his job as “Jeopardy!” host after being booed while hosting the Pennsylvania gubernatorial debate.

It was the only debate current Democratic Governor Tom Wolf would agree to against Republican challenger Scott Wagner and Canadian-born Trebek served as a buffer for Wolf.

The game show host monopolized the debate by speaking an incredible 41% of the time, which was significantly more than either candidate. Trebek felt the need to not only act as a moderator but turned the debate into The Alex Trebek Show by repeatedly including his opinion and even chiding Wagner and the Catholic Church.

“If you believe the severance tax would be beneficial, would bring in hundreds of millions of dollars that would help with education and other problems in the state, then call up the people who are running in our districts, ask them a question, and say, ‘Are you in favor of the severance tax or against it?’ If they’re in favor say, ‘Alright, I’m going to vote for you.’ If they happen to be from your party, good,” the game show host lectured. “If from the other party, vote for them. If you’re against the severance tax, same deal.”

The Republican challenger responded to Trebek by reminding him that oil companies are already taxed as Pennsylvania is the only state to have an impact tax. But, Canadian born Trebek had a response intended to help the Democrat in this 2 on 1 debate.

“You’re not taxing them that much because most of them are based in Texas or Oklahoma,” Trebek quipped, before shutting down the conversation altogether. “Alright, we’re out of time.”

The audience had enough of this clearly unbalanced debate with the moderator hogging the spotlight. It was the only debate of the campaign and Trebek completely monopolized it. They began booing and the “Jeopardy!” host didn’t too kindly to this.

“What did I tell you guys at the beginning?” Trebek said to the audience. “No booing or hissing! And now you’re directing it at me!”

Republican strategist Mike Barley said after the debate, “I thought Alex Trebek spoke way too much and didn’t allow the candidates enough time to speak. Trebek actually hit both candidates harder than they hit each other. Horrible gubernatorial debate moderators for $1,000. Who is Alex Trebek?”

Even the League of Woman Voters was disgusted with Trebek’s job as moderator. Executive Director Jill Greene stated that “he is not running for Pennsylvania’s governor. Mr. Trebek’s opinions and the opinions of the audience should have played no role in this debate, and Pennsylvanians have not gained anything through this exercise.”

The only thing everyone could agree on is that Alex Trebek was lousy and ruined the sole gubernatorial debate.


Source: AOL

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