If it wasn’t bad enough that Brock Lesnar destroyed my hopes and dreams of having another all-champion stable in WWE, now there’s more bad news: Alexa Bliss has been forced to drop out of the Mixed Match Challenge due to an arm injury suffered at the hands of Ronda Rousey Sunday night.

This, of course, means that Team Little Big is no more.

team little big

Would ex-UFC fighters please stop ruining everything?!

Team Little Big was an overwhelming fan favorite and high in the pool of probability to win the second season of the Mixed Match Challenge, which begins tonight (9/18) immediately after SmackDown on Facebook Watch. And, unsurprisingly, I’m far from the only one who’s upset we won’t get to see our favorite disproportionate duo back in action.




I won’t be surprised if CamLovesWrestling isn’t the only one who doesn’t tune into the Mixed Match Challenge now, and that honestly makes me feel sad for Braun Strowman’s replacement partner, Ember Moon. Ember reacted to the news that she’d be teaming with the Monster Among Men on Tuesday.

I like Ember, I really do. She’s a good wrestler, her gimmick is cool, her finisher is awesome, and we happen to share a birthday. But she has some (little) big shoes to fill.

Furthermore, all signs seem to indicate that Alexa’s arm injury isn’t legitimate – it’s a storyline. In other words, WWE is only shelving Alexa to make Ronda look strong, and in spite of the popularity of Team Little Big.

Again: would ex-UFC fighters please stop ruining everything?

However, as disappointed as I am, it will be interesting to see how WWE spins the team of Ember and Strowman, and the Mixed Match Challenge could give Ember a much-needed push. In my opinion, she got the short end of the stick being the first woman to hold the NXT Women’s Championship after Asuka, and she has yet to get off the ground on the main roster. Hopefully, teaming with Strowman will turn the tide in her favor.

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