San Francisco hypodermic needles

San Francisco has joined in on the liberal cause of banning straws. While the politicians have declared war on straws, they are handing out free hypodermic needles to addicts without much concern about disposing of them. This has led to a serious issue of used needles littering public places causing serious health concerns.

Banning straws is the latest pet project to save the oceans from being littered. While this might be a noble cause, it hardly makes a dent in the overall problem of litter in our oceans. It only penalizes people who use straws for their intended purpose.

And now it seems these leftists are more concerned with a turtle eating a straw than they are a child sitting on a used city-funded hypodermic needle. The needles are handed out to prevent addicts from reusing needles and contributing to the spread of disease, but no concern appears to be given to those who might be harmed by one of these needles left in a public place. Being poked by a used needle could cause a child or adult to contract HIV, but these politicians are more focused on regulating straws.

San Francisco hands out 400,000 hypodermic needles monthly, but it is reported that 154,000 of those needles are not properly disposed of at official sites. That’s an alarming number of needles that are carelessly left behind and it’s causing a serious problem for people who live in or visit the city.

This hypocrisy highlights the absurd reality of progressive projects. There is more concern given to sea life than to the general public who have to encounter these used hypodermic needles. The city is not allowing straws, but they are funding the needles used by these addicts.

Some San Francisco streets are now being labeled “diseased” due to the number of needles left behind. A local television studio investigated streets in the city and what they found is disturbing. It has gotten so bad that preschool teachers need to teach children not to touch needles. The video below should serve as a warning as to what happens when progressive dreams become a reality.

Source: Western Journal

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