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PragerU uploaded a new video this week where Will Witt took to the streets of Santa Barbara, California to ask people if they think plastic straws should be banned.

Banning plastic straws is the latest trend among liberals who want to save the environment, so Witt got many unsurprising answers like “absolutely,” and “hell yeah, they should be banned.” Though studies have shown banning plastic straws actually does very little to help the environment, this has not stopped ignorant young millennials from mindlessly pushing this liberal nonsense.

One interviewee told Witt that “in the ocean, if you cut open a fish – I saw, like, an article about this – and like, all that’s inside them are plastic straws.”

The woman was probably talking about a June story from National Geographic in which a whale was found in Thailand that had ingested so much plastic debris, it starved and died:

A necropsy revealed that more than 17 pounds of plastic had clogged up the whale’s stomach, making it impossible for it to ingest nutritional food. This waste was in the form of 80 shopping bags and other plastic debris.

…In Thai waters, more than 300 marine animals are known to die after eating plastic. The list includes pilot whales, but also sea turtles and dolphins. In April, an emaciated sperm whale was found dead on a Spanish beach with more than 60 pounds of trash in its digestive system.

Another man, who was wearing a leather jacket, told Witt that another way to help the environment would be to plant “fruit trees in public streets.”

“Think about it. Like, people could eat fruit for free…trees planted by the state. They could eat fruit, homeless people could eat fruit, and it’s giving oxygen into the air,” he said.

A clearly liberal woman told Witt that she thinks it’s time for the government to get involved in the push to ban plastic straws.

“I think the government should tell them we should stop using plastic,” she said.

It never ceases to amaze us how dumb young liberals are! Check out this video below!

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