A Texas mom served up some old school parenting to combat her son’s bullying. Recognizing that today’s typical strategy of coddling bullies doesn’t get results, this mom got creative in order to turn her son’s behavior around.

The mother named Star doesn’t want to be identified by her last name. She reports that her son was calling other kids “idiots” and “stupid” and this is something that she finds unacceptable. She wants to stop this nonsense before it escalates.

“I’m a very old-school parent,” the mom said. “I don’t coddle my children. I don’t sugar coat the world to them.”

She sent her 5th-grade son to school wearing a t-shirt that said: “I AM A BULLY.” The shirt also had a frown. Star posted the picture to Facebook, claiming it wasn’t done to embarrass her son as some modern parents intend to do with their punishments.

“I posted it to reach out to the parents of any of the kids my son may have bullied so that each one of them could get a personal apology,” the frustrated mom said.

“I did what I had to do to stop it from progressing,” she continued. “I wanted to do something that would teach him why he can’t do those things – why he needs to take other people into consideration.”

After getting backlash on Facebook from those who disagreed with her old school parenting tactic, she deleted the post. But, she claims the school was “100 percent” on board with her approach. She spoke with her son’s teachers and counselor before sending him to school in the shirt.

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The Splendora Independent School District confirms that they worked with the mom regarding this punishment. They even sent a counselor to check on the boy as he was wearing the shirt to ensure there weren’t any issues. This is a very Texas approach to handling a disciplinary problem that other school districts could learn from.

This old-school mom speaks about the punishment and her son’s reaction to it in the video below.

The mom reports that her son is already behaving better and has learned an important lesson after wearing the shirt to school. This has helped stop him from acting like a bully.

“He’ll survive. And he’s already been treating his sisters better. He’s already been treating his cousins better. He learned from it. That’s all that matters,” she said.

Source: Faith Wire

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