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Note Found in a Purse From Walmart Will Send Tears Down Your Face

A note from a Chinese worker found in a purse from Wal-mart is reminding many people about the importance of buying American made goods.

A note found in a new purse provides a stark reminder of how lucky we are to be Americans. It also reinforces the need to buy American made products over mass-produced ones made in overseas sweatshops.

When Christel Wallace bought a purse at Walmart, she received much more than she ever expected. A handwritten note that had been folded up was left in one of the zippered pockets. Wallace was not familiar with Mandarin, so her daughter-in-law Laura posted it on Facebook hoping someone could translate the note. What it said shocked them all.

Chinese purse

The note was a cry for help from a worker at a prison in Guangxi, China. It was translated by three people, all agreeing on what it says. The workers have incredibly long days and face low pay and beatings to make goods like the purse that Wallace bought.

“Inmates in the Yingshan Prison in Guangxi, China, are working 14 hours daily with no rest/break at noon, continue to work overtime until 12 midnight, and whoever doesn’t finish his (or her) work will be beaten. Their meals are without oil and salt. Every month, the boss gives inmates 2,000 yuan (approx. $317) and any additional dishes will be finished by the police. If the inmates are sick and need medicine, the cost will be deducted from their salary. Being a prisoner in China is worse than being a horse, cow, sheep, pig, or dog (treated inhumanely) in the U.S.”

Wallace isn’t the only person who has found such an item in a product from China. Julie Keith found one in a box of Halloween decorations she bought at K-Mart. It was written in English and implored the recipient to forward it to a human rights organization for help.

Chinese worker

It was discovered that Keith’s note was written by Chinese Engineer Sun Yi. He was imprisoned for practicing Falun Gong, a Chinese spiritual movement that focuses on truthfulness and meditation.

These notes aren’t just found in discount chain stores. They have also been found at Saks Fifth Avenue! While buying products from China helps keep costs down, perhaps it is time to re-evaluate that. Buying American made goods will help stop these deplorable conditions and it will boost our American workforce.

Source: Western Journal

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