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This Video Of A Teen Trying To Use A Rotary Phone Will Have You Dying Laughing!

A woman asks her son to call her on a rotary phone. He can't figure out how to use the phone in this hilarious viral video.

Thirty or forty years ago, we thought everything in our lives was high tech. By today’s standards, we lived in the Stone Age. Today’s teens are always accessible by phone and they can often teach us about new technology. But, if you sent a teenager into a time machine to see how we lived, you would be bound to get a good laugh because they wouldn’t have a clue as to how to use things.

Many of us grew up with rotary phones. They were durable and would last decades, but most of us don’t have them in our homes anymore. They have become relics. Even people who still have landlines don’t have rotary phones.

Kimberly Phillips of Parks, Louisiana encountered a rotary phone and came up with an idea. She wanted to see if her tech-savvy son Braylon knew how to work one. The teen was rather confident that he would quickly ace this, but that isn’t what happened!

He couldn’t figure out what to do. Since he is used to calling on mobile phones, he didn’t know that you have to pick the phone up first. He didn’t even know how to dial the numbers! He makes several attempts to call his mom who is loudly laughing as he fumbles and fails. He doesn’t even appear to know what a dial tone is!

Braylon finally says, “Y’all went through this?!” before whipping out his cell phone to try to figure it out! The hilarious video of this is below.

Many of today’s teens wouldn’t know how to use a real phone if they were without their cell phone! So many people are finding this video funny that it has been viewed over 19 million times. Finally, we know how to use some technology better than today’s teenagers!

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