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Meghan Markle is being lauded as a hero on social media for a very absurd reason. People are cheering and applauding the Duchess of Sussex for shutting her own car door. That’s not a joke. Being capable of shutting your own door is apparently a big deal to a lot of Brits.

It was Markle’s first solo outing as a Royal when this “courageous” act occurred. When the American Princess arrived at Royal Academy of Art in London to view the art exhibit “Oceania” on Tuesday, she bravely shut her own door after being greeted.

If you have been shutting your own car door your entire life, it’s hard to walk away with an open door. Shutting it is a natural response but this simple act that Meghan likely didn’t even think about has turned her into a folk hero. Some believe by shutting her own car door on her first solo outing, Meghan is signaling that she is transforming the monarchy.

Brave men die in battle protecting the free world, but to many, Meghan is a hero for closing a car door rather than having a servant do it. Video of this valiant act is in the tweet below.

How completely ridiculous. There have been plenty of articles written on this brave transformation of the monarchy in recent hours. With all that is going on in the world, pundits are cheering the shutting of a car door.

The Sun’s Emily Andrews cheerfully tweeted, “A princess who still takes the time to shut her car door. Well done Meghan!” Does Andrews cheer Meghan Markle for cutting her own food, too? Markle has been shutting car doors her entire life but now that she is a Royal, Brits are cheering her for it.

One British pundit got it right. Piers Morgan pointed out in a tweet that Markle will now have to shut her own car door every time she exits a vehicle or she’ll likely be vilified as spoiled and entitled by the very people cheering her today.

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