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I can’t imagine my child being taken away from me for talking with a friend. But, Leah Remini says if Tom Cruise’s ex-wife Katie Holmes speaks with her, that could happen. This is just another one of the restrictions that Remini is exposing about Scientology. Remini grew up in the “religion” and has been highlighting the control and terror she experienced in it and after she left.

As you know, mothers will try to protect their children at all costs and in this case silence and complete separation from a friend is that protection. Holmes was granted primary custody her daughter Suri, but that could be in jeopardy if she spoke with Remini.

Holmes embraced Scientology during her marriage to Cruise who is at times the face of the “religion.” She broke free from the Hollywood cult after breaking free from her marriage. But, Remini claims that Holmes is still limited by some demands from Scientology and the threat of losing custody of a child is one of them.

Remini shared with US Weekly that she was close friends with Holmes during her marriage to Cruise, but now communication is forbidden because of the Church of Scientology’s restrictions. Even though Holmes is no longer participating in the “religion,” she is bound by its control because of Cruise’s continued involvement in it. No details were offered, but the accusation is chilling.

“Trust me, Katie’s not allowed to have a meal with me and we used to be close friends. She could lose custody of Suri,” Remini shared. It’s quite sick, really.”

The King Of Queens” star has been an outspoken critic of Scientology. She put her life and career on the line with her series “Going Clear” that exposed the religion’s secrets and control over its members. She expresses disappointment in Cruise’s ex-wives, Holmes and Nicole Kidman, for not speaking out and helping others. Now, Remini believes she knows why that hasn’t happened.

“I keep wondering — why haven’t Katie Holmes or Nicole Kidman spoken out? I assume they were forced to sign prohibitive documents,” Remini said.

In the video below. Remini discusses her experience with the Church of Scientology and how Tom Cruise could bring it down if he ever broke free of the cult.

Source: US Weekly

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