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Jimmy Kimmel Asked Adults to Name One Country on the Map

A Jimmy Kimmel man on the street interview highlights how little geography adults know when Americans can't even find the US on a map!

Our educational system has been failing students for decades and geography is one of the subjects that has lagged considerably. This is evident when people are asked to identify areas on a map. Jimmy Kimmel set out to prove this point in a man on the street interview.

Jimmy Kimmel Man On The Street Map Segment

A map of the entire world was set up on a sidewalk for people to identify just one country.

Remarkably, this proved to be an insurmountable task for every adult who was asked. They couldn’t even identify the United States.

How can you finish high school without being able to locate your own country?

When asked if she can name any country on the map, one clueless woman replied, “Shouldn’t I be taught this in school?”

Yes, you absolutely should have!

Time and again, these adults couldn’t differentiate between a continent and a country, with more than one person pointing out Africa!

One woman was embarrassed that she had zero geographical knowledge, especially considering she graduated from college.

That’s because simply having a college degree does not mean you retained that much knowledge!

Kid Schools Adults On Geography

After the adults were done failing this simple test, a kid was asked to name a country. His response will put us all to shame!

You’ll feel like a genius after watching video of this man on the street map segment from Jimmy Kimmel below.


Perhaps they learned this at one time and forgot it, but it’s hard to understand why these Americans can’t even identify their own country.

That should have at least been the one country they could identify. These clueless people are now in a viral video highlighting their ignorance!

It certainly makes you wonder how much love and respect a person might have for their country if they can’t even find it on a map.

The young boy, however, gives me some hope that this can be turned around.

Of course, maybe he recently had a world geography test and remembers all the countries but I think he would at least remember where the United States is in twenty years!

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