hurricane florence dog rescue

Many of us who own pets can’t imagine leaving them behind as they are members of our family. The Coast Guard recognizes this and made it their mission to rescue several dogs in danger after Hurricane Florence hit.

Josephine Horne was grateful when the Coast Guard arrived to save her, but she was concerned about her ten beagles. If they weren’t rescued soon, there wouldn’t be any hope for them as they were already swimming up the sides of their cages in order to breathe.

The dogs’ cries for help echoed through the neighborhood as Josephine got into the Coast Guard’s punt boat with her oxygen tank. Thankfully, Coast Guard member Mitchell Moretti immediately arrived with another punt boat to rescue a dog whose head was just above water.

Moretti’s boat was quickly filled with Horne’s beagles. His promptness was imperative as the dogs didn’t have much time left. Thankfully, these heroes on the water understand the importance of rescuing all living things.

“If we would have gotten here just a few minutes later, I don’t know if these guys would have made it,” Moretti said.

The crew was pretty excited to be surrounded by dogs. Animals can be healing in stressful situations, so even though they were being rescued, they were serving their tired heroes in return.

“We got a boat full of beagles!” Tyler Elliott said. “This is the best day of my life!”

For many of us who love dogs, it’s easy to get upset about someone leaving them in harm’s way. Thank God for the Coast Guard who came to rescue these pups. Video of the rescue can be seen below.

As is the case with other hurricanes, some heartless people abandoned their caged dogs, leaving them to a despicable fate. If it wasn’t for Good Samaritans, these dogs would likely all be goners. Video of this very close rescue is below.

Source: USA Today