Hell In A Cell’s Live Audience Not Happy (Video), Medical Update On Jeff Hardy

Fans were none too happy with the ending to the main event at Hell in Cell on Sunday, and WWE provides a medical update on Jeff Hardy.

– The ending to Hell in a Cell left the live audience none too happy. Up until the cameras stopped rolling, fans seemed into Hell in a Cell’s main event. When the Texas crowd realized the main event would be a no contest and that’s how the pay per view was ending, they started chanting their displeasure as seen below.

Braun Strowman was having his way with Roman Reigns inside the Cell before chaos broke out. Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre got involved, which led to Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose also heading out. Those four fought around the ring before heading up the Cell and spending a few minutes atop the massive structure. When Ziggler and Rollins headed down, they ended up falling off the side of the Cell and destroying two announce tables below.

Then, Brock Lesnar stormed the ring and kicked his way into the Cell. He went to town on Strowman and Reigns before leaving. A referee came from the back and called off the match, making this the first Cell match on pay per view to not have a winner. 

– In the other Hell in a Cell match, Randy Orton defeated Jeff Hardy. The final spot saw Hardy reach the top of the Cell’s inside structure and he looked to be going for a splash onto Orton. 

It didn’t work as Orton moved and Hardy crashed through the table. The referee called for the match to be over, but Orton forced a three count. WWE provided an update, stating Hardy was taken to the hospital due to abdominal pain and coughing up blood.

Jeff Hardy medical update

Following his brutal Hell in a Cell Match against Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy was tended to by EMTs at ringside. Cathy Kelley then reported on Instagram that Hardy complained of severe abdominal pains backstage, prompting WWE medical personnel to have him transported to a local medical facility.

Michael Cole later reported that Hardy began coughing up blood while en route to the facility. Once that subsided, Cathy Kelley went on to report that Hardy would be kept overnight for further observation.

This is likely a storyline that will write Hardy off TV as he’s been dealing with injuries. Orton might have won, but he left the Cell with several nasty wounds. 

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