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“America’s Got Talent” crowned the winner of the show’s 13th season this week. Magician Shin Lim earned the $1 million prize and will be headlining a show on the Las Vegas strip. The 26-year-old got enough fan votes to knock out acrobatic dance group Zurcaroh for the coveted top spot. Lim follows in the path of last year’s winner, ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer. For two years in a row, voters decided to skip over singers for a different variety of entertainer.

The Canadian-American magician is incredibly talented with card manipulation. It’s hard to even imagine how he performs these card tricks. He’s that good! Oddly, being a card magician wasn’t his original career choice. He was a trained pianist who had to abandon that pursuit when he developed carpal tunnel syndrome.

Lim learned how to perform card tricks by watching videos on YouTube. He was a fast learner and began using the platform to showcase his talents and teach others. What initially started as a desire to learn a simple card trick blossomed into winning a seven-figure jackpot and a life-changing opportunity.

In the video below, Lim will amaze you with the final outcome. The three people sitting at the table are also completely clueless as to how he fools them all even when they shuffle up the cards themselves!

I think we can all agree he has talent! However, not everyone was thrilled with Lim’s win. He edged out acrobatic dance group Zurcaroh and violinist Brian King Joseph, who finished second and third place respectively. Their fans were upset that those high energy performers fell to someone tossing out cards on a table.

There were definitely mixed reviews on Twitter but Shin’s fans turned out to support his victory!

Ultimately, it comes down to votes and Shin Lim got the most. Just like with voter turnout in a political election, if you have an opinion, you should vote!

Michael Ketterer was also a fan favorite. The Christian man who is a foster and adoptive parent to multiple children earned Simon’s Golden Buzzer this season. But, that wasn’t enough to clinch the prize. Cowell says he was “gutted” when Ketterer was eliminated after singing a song Garth Brooks wrote for him. That performance is in the video below.

We all have opinions and sometimes we don’t get our way. But the bottom line is, Shin Lim won fair and square and the haters will just have to get over it!

Source: USA Today

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