national anthem acapella
national anthem acapella

The mainstream media attempts to make it appear that young people aren’t patriotic. They want to paint a picture that American exceptionalism is not a message that the next generation believes in. That simply isn’t the case as there are many teens and young adults who are proud Americans!

High Schoolers Sing National Anthem

There are plenty of instances of young Americans who believe in our country coming to light recently! Republican strategist Oliver McGee showcased this by tweeting a video of four young men singing the National Anthem at their Dallas, Texas high school. Rather than joining in on the protests, these four chose to celebrate our country!

Their a cappella performance has gone viral for good reason – it’s amazing! The teens absolutely nail this beloved song as their love for America shines through. If you are a proud American, you will love the video below!

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It was such a great performance that it has been hard for anyone to say anything negative about it. Even the typical nasty people on Twitter apparently were stunned and compliments came flooding in for these talented teens. Danny Lyons, Aadon Benson, Ryan Smith & Matthew Merritt deserve much praise for their performance!

The national anthem should unite us, not divide us. It is a celebration of our nation and our resolve to retain our freedoms. These high schoolers understand this and it shines through in their performance. It is wonderful to see them get recognition in a viral video that makes patriotic Americans proud!

They aren’t the only teens who get it, either. Every year at the All-State Choir Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, choir members sing the national anthem. People staying at the Hyatt Regency got a special treat when more than 650 students sang from multiple floors overseeing the hotel’s atrium. It provided the perfect acoustics for our anthem. Click here to see that video.

Source: Western Journal

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