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People staying at the Hyatt Regency in Louisville got a wonderful treat when they witnessed a hauntingly beautiful rendition of the National Anthem.

The students participating in the All-State Choir Conference gathered there for a special reason. They used the acoustics of the hotel’s open lobby to reach everyone in the hotel with a song that all patriotic Americans love. Hotel guests came out of their rooms and stood around the balconies to hear the sweet performance.

Students sang from myriad balconies on all 18 floors of the hotel, creating a magnificent sound that resonated throughout the entire building.

“Had a proud #American moment tonight,” Garrett Mager, wrote on Facebook when he posted the video. “Woke up in my hotel hearing a lot of noise outside in the lobby. I went out and found this. The Kentucky State Choir Finals schools are all staying at my hotel. They decided to sing the National Anthem together on every single floor. #Amazing.”

More than 650 students gathered to sing the National Anthem. The students were in Lousiville to participate in the Kentucky Music Educators Association All-State Choir Ensembles.

Videos of this performance have gone viral. It’s very encouraging to see hundreds of high schoolers give such a beautiful display of patriotism. This is exactly what our country needs right now!

After watching the video below, you will wish you were staying at that hotel to see it firsthand.

Amazing! This makes my patriotic heart swell with pride. It’s fitting that over 33 million people have already witnessed Garrett Mager’s video. This is definitely something I will watch multiple times. It is that good!

This is actually an annual tradition for these high school choir members. They sing the National Anthem every year when they gather for the Choir Finals. It’s wonderful to know that these kids love our country!

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