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The violently anti-Trump pop star Madonna has found herself in hot water today after making a tribute to the late singer Aretha Franklin during the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) Monday night.

Fox News reported that when Madonna took the stage to present the Video of the Year award, she claimed to want to pay tribute to Franklin, who passed away on August 16. It also happened to have been Madonna’s 60th birthday, and the Material Girl used this loophole to make the tribute to Franklin all about herself.

Madonna began by saying that Franklin had “changed the course” of her life and that in her early days of performing, she once sang Franklin’s “(You Make Me Feel A) Natural Woman” acapella during an unsuccessful audition. This was pretty much the extent of Franklin being mentioned in the tribute that was supposed to be about her.

From there, Madonna walked the audience through her own career, starting with her early days growing up in Detroit. She whined about her tough upbringing, claiming that she was often mistaken for a “prostitute” as she walked up the stairs in her third-story apartment building that she described as a “crack house.” It wasn’t until the end of her self-centered speech that she got back to Franklin.

“So, you are probably all wondering why I am telling you this story. There is a connection,” Madonna said. “Because none of this would have happened, could have happened, without our lady of soul. She led me to where I am today.”

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Even liberals were turned off by Madonna’s speech, and she quickly became a trending topic on Twitter for all the wrong reasons:

Frankly, nobody should be surprised about the vile behavior Madonna exhibited last night. Keep in mind that this is the same woman who blatantly called for Donald Trump to be assassinated by saying that she has “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House” since he took office.

It’s time for the entertainment industry to turn their backs on this violent, disrespectful diva and send her back to Detroit where she belongs!

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