lightning teen survives

A 13-year-old Arizona teen somehow survived being struck by lightning and he’s giving credit to God. Josiah Wiedman and a friend were walking through a park when he was hit by the big bolt of lightning. The incident was caught on surveillance video and it proves that his quick recovery is indeed a miracle.

A Good Samaritan at the park administered CPR to him while waiting for the paramedics. After that, the young teen spent three days in a medically induced coma. Doctors are amazed at how Josiah has bounced back after taking such a strong hit of lightning.

“I can’t exactly explain why he doesn’t have any outside burns, but it is fairly consistent with a lightning strike,” Dr. Craig Egan said. “Fortunately, the amount of electricity passing through muscles and heart wasn’t enough to cause lasting damage.”

Josiah knows exactly who is responsible for his miraculous recovery. He thanks God.

“If it weren’t for Him, like, I’d be dead,” Josiah said. “It’s all a miracle…I felt like this burst of like heat and everything went dark,” said Josiah, recalling the sensation that went through his body when the lightning hit. “It just felt like needles constantly being stabbed into me.”

Josiah understands that divine intervention likely saved his life. While so many young people do not have faith in God, Josiah sure does and he is praising Him for this life-saving miracle!

“I feel like I’m Superman right now!” the 13-year-old said after bouncing back from the near-death experience.

Josiah explains how he believes God saved him in the video below. It is one you will want to see! He is very grateful to be alive! After you see the video of him being struck by lightning, you will believe it is a miracle, too!

Source: Faith It

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