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Kate Gosselin has once again found herself at odds with fans of her reality TV show after her son Collin was excluded from a photo with his siblings.

The “Kate Plus 8″ star shipped Collin off to a special school claiming that his behavioral problems made him unmanageable. She withheld Collin’s location from his father Jon, further alienating a child who needed the love and support of his family.

Kate excluded Collin from his own birthday parties with his siblings and now it appears he may not have been at the family’s summer vacation. The picture shows the other five septuplets hanging out upside down in a pool.

Collin could have been off camera, but Kate hasn’t shared any pictures of Collin from the trip. Many people pointed out how hard this must be on the young boy.

“It can’t be good for Collin to be always excluded from this group,” one person wrote. “He must be so lonely. He was on the show for many years and fit right it. He is going to have bitter memories from his childhood and always feel different and unwanted.”

It has been some time since Kate shared photos with Collin. In fact, Instagram followers were quick to point out that Collin was even missing from Christmas pictures! This has left many people wondering why Kate continues excluding her son.

Jon reports that Kate has been able to alienate him from the children, except for Hannah. He has been rather vocal about wanting more time with the kids and was able to score a victory and celebrate Collin’s birthday with him this year. Unlike Kate, Jon even shared an Instagram picture.

Many have been speculating that Jon has gotten custody of Hannah. At the very least, he seems to have more visitation. He and Hannah both shared a number of pictures together on Instagram earlier this year, but suddenly, Hannah’s account has either been deleted or deactivated.

Kate has invited this criticism since she continues parading her children around on reality television and all over social media. Her brand is being a mom to multiple children so of course, people are going to wonder what is going on with Collin.

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