Did Kevin Owens Really Quit WWE? We Investigate

Kevin Owens has the WWE Universe in uproar at the moment. During a segment on Monday Night Raw, Owens uttered the words "I quit", making fans believe

Kevin Owens has the WWE Universe in uproar at the moment. During a segment on Monday Night Raw, Owens uttered the words “I quit,” making fans believe he is leaving the WWE. But did Owens quit? Let’s find out!

Video Released by the WWE

An indication that Kevin Owens did not quit is that the WWE has posted the “I quit” video under its own YouTube channel. When the WWE has genuine problems with an employee, they remain dead silent; just think about the Neville incident. So, this is a work.

Contractual Obligations

Another reason why Owens is still very much employed is his current contract. Owens re-signed with the WWE for another five years in May, so the chances that he has genuinely quit are next to none.

Changes Are in the Cards for Kevin Owens

Even though Kevin Owens did not quit, I am sure there are some serious changes in store for the prizefighter. The most evident being a character change, which could be useful for Kevin Owens at this point in his career.

Despite being a fantastic wrestler, 2018 has not been the best year for KO. One of the worst moments for Owens was undoubtedly his loss against Strowman, which was pretty much a squash match. Even though the match took place during Summerslam, it seemed the WWE had little interest in making this a competitive bout. Of course, they might have been building up to the “I quit” moment.

In my opinion, the “I quit” moment this week could mean Kevin Owens is going back to his former wrestling character Kevin Steen. He booked great success in the indies with this character, so we might see a return of Kevin Steen after Kevin Owens quit.

Owens could be making a transfer to SmackDown Live too, despite being publicly fired alongside Sami Zayn at WrestleMania. Paige is now general manager, with Daniel Bryan as an active wrestler and Shane McMahon off the grid. So, a return to SmackDown Live could be in the cards and is not impossible to work in story-wise.

There is a lot of speculation on my end, but I am quite excited to see something new for Kevin Owens. Don’t get me wrong; I adore his prizefighter character and the Owens persona overall. Unfortunately, he has fallen somewhere down the cracks of the WWE ring, mainly due to the likes of Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman being pushed so hard. A change of scenery or a new character could do him a world of good, and hopefully get him a few wins, so we can consider him as the serious competitor we already know he is.

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