dad surprises daughter 200 dollar dress

Being a parent requires a lot of sacrifices. 36-year-old Ricky Smith knows this all too well. The proud Pittsburg father works three jobs to support his family. Money is tight, but when Ricky’s 14-year-old daughter Nevaeha wanted a special dress for her school dance, he had to find a way to deliver.

Ricky understands the value of the dollar as he works very long hours at McDonald’s, Circle K, and Popeye‘s.  The family doesn’t have a lot of extra money for big purchases, so when Nevaeha wanted a $200 dress for her 8th grade formal, it was a big ask.

“I looked at the price and I was like, ‘Uh, not really sure, but I can see what I can do,’” the hard-working dad said.

Ricky and his wife Kellyanne decided to find a way to make this happen for their teen daughter. They wanted to surprise her, so they told Nevaeha that her grandma bought her a dress. Ricky works so many hours that they had to have the reveal at McDonald’s during his shift!

Nevaeha was a little concerned that her grandma wasn’t up on teen fashion, but when she opened the dress bag and saw the dress of her dreams, she knew what happened. Her parents had gone above and beyond to make this dream a reality! Her face exuded complete joy!

These parents put their family first and their daughter completely understands the sacrifice as you can see in the emotional video below.

Every dollar counts for this family so this gift was quite a significant one. It wasn’t her senior prom but it was a very memorable dance for Nevaeha. Not only did she look beautiful for her 8th-grade dance, but she understood and appreciated the hard work and sacrifice her dad made for it to happen.


Source: Western Journal

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