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Judge Jeanine Pirro fired back after Whoopi Goldberg attacked her on “The View.” The conservative Judge was a guest on the show to promote her book “Liars, Leakers, and Liberals” when the Trump hating Goldberg started screaming and threw her off the show.

Pirro was a guest on the show, but Goldberg couldn’t treat her with any respect. The leftists on this show appear unable to accept the fact that other women have different opinions. Goldberg took aim at Pirro’s stance on illegal immigrants who have committed murders of American citizens. For some odd reason, Goldberg wanted to defend these murders and began screaming.

“What is horrible is when the president of the United States whips up people to beat the hell out of people. Say goodbye! Goodbye! I’m done!” Whoopi shrieked and immediately ended the segment.

The segment really does show how unhinged Trump Derangement Syndrome can make someone. What’s comical is that Whoopi acted out of control as she was claiming that she doesn’t have Trump Derangement Syndrome. She clearly has a raging infection of it! When the cameras turned back on after she tossed Judge Jeanine from the show Whoopi tried to apologize, but the egg was already on her face.

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The altercation starts at 2:36 and it is BAD! Watch below:

This how conservatives, particularly women, should expect to be treated on “The View.” They may be screamed at and pushed out because they have different points of view. This is the tolerant left that will help re-elect President Trump because their alternative is simply insane.

The altercation allegedly got even more ugly backstage once cameras were off. Pirro was shouted at by Whoopi and told “F–k you, get the f–k out!” Really professional, Whoopi!

TMZ caught up with Judge Jeanine after the show and asked her if she regrets anything. The tough as nails Judge said she doesn’t mind being in a situation that is four against one, but she will not tolerate being mistreated.

“I don’t like being mistreated by people who invite you to have a discussion and then treat you like you are less than human,” Judge Pirro said about Goldberg’s on-air meltdown.


Judge Jeanine got Whoopi to show her true colors and it wasn’t very pretty!

Source: People

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