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People who steal packages off porches don’t usually start out as upstanding citizens, but an Ohio woman is smashing that stereotype.

Melissa Bergman has a life that many others would envy. The suburban housewife lives in a home valued at $475,000. That can buy a very nice home where she lives in Southwestern Ohio. The 30-year-old mom says she had “everything that any woman would ever want” —everything except excitement that she found by stealing packages off porches.

Days after being released from the hospital following a suicide attempt, the Army veteran got a mistaken package delivery. When she took the package to the rightful owner in her neighborhood, she noticed other packages just sitting there. She decided to take one of the packages off her neighbor’s porch.

“I’m like, ‘Oh he doesn’t want these,’ so I took one, and I put it in my car,” she said.

The next day, with her children in her vehicle, she began a crime spree. She drove around and took packages off many porches. She hit at least twelve homes in the next two days. Opening the packages added a thrill to her mundane life.

“It’s not like I was selling it, not like I needed it,” she said. “Just the excitement of looking to see what was in that box and knowing, ya’ know what, ‘Since he didn’t want this item, this item can be donated to someone that actually really needs it,’ and that was the thought that went through my head.”

Bergman was found guilty of 12 charges of misdemeanor theft. She will be spending 30 days in jail for her crimes. That will certainly make things interesting for her. Her psychologist believes this crime spree gave her a thrill she hadn’t had since she was in Afghanistan.

“He’s, like, ‘Melissa, you were doing so much at one time and then it just stopped. So you doing this gave you that excitement that you once had back in Afghanistan. You got excitement out of this just like you did in Afghanistan, but it was a different type of excitement,’” the thieving mother reports.

But, she refuses to use her veteran status as an excuse. As you will hear her state in the video below, she accepts full responsibility for her actions.

It’s very hard to understand why someone who had everything would risk it all to grab packages she didn’t even need. Typically, porch package thieves end up being seasoned criminals or drug addicts. This was not Melissa Bergman’s case. It was a cry for help and it was heard loud and clear. She will have time to think about her crimes while she is spending a month in jail.

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