soldiers sing amazing grace

“Amazing Grace” is one of the most beloved Christian hymns of all time and a video of U.S. Army soldiers singing a soulful rendition of the song is taking social media by storm.

Soldier Sings ‘Amazing Grace’

The video, which was uploaded by YouTube user Dan Adams, features a group of soldiers seated around a table singing a beautiful a cappella version of “Amazing Grace”.

Their voices come together in a perfect multi-part harmony.

If that’s not moving enough, they follow up the worship song with “God Bless America.” Watch below.

What an absolutely beautiful rendition of one of the most recognizable songs in the English-speaking world.

The Story Of ‘Amazing Grace’

“Amazing Grace” was penned by English poet and Anglican clergyman John Newton.

After serving in the Royal Navy and, regrettably, working in the Atlantic slave trade, Newton gave up seafaring and began studying Christian theology in mid-18th century England.

In 1764, he was named curate of Olney, Buckinghamshire, and began writing hymns with poet William Cowper. “Amazing Grace” was written to illustrate a sermon on New Year’s Day of 1773, and debuted in print in 1779 in the hymnal Olney Hymns.

Ironically, the hymn did not catch on in England.

In the United States, however, “Amazing Grace” became a favorite among Protestant congregations during the Second Great Awakening of the early 19th century.

Today, “Amazing Grace” has been described as “without a doubt the most famous of all the folk hymns”. Case in point, it’s estimated that it is performed about 10 million times annually.

A Universal Message

Indeed, the universal message of “Amazing Grace” is undeniable; it crosses lines of faith, creed, color, and everything in between.

Furthermore, it’s a message that we desperately need to hear today, when so many people have been blinded by their convictions against others.

Whether we’re black or white, conservative or liberal, we’re all just human sinners in need of the divine grace of God.

None of us would be alive without Christ’s sacrifice, and America would not have her freedom without the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform.

God bless us all. Amen.

Source: Faithwire

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