Thai soccer team honor navy seal

The Thai soccer team that was rescued after being stuck in a cave for more than two weeks has pledged to be “good guys” to honor 38-year-old Navy Seal Saman Kunan who died during the rescue.

People around the world prayed and watch as many people came together to save these 12 boys and their soccer coach. Given the complexity and longevity of the rescue mission, it’s a miracle that only one person died. Kunan was posthumously promoted to lieutenant commander and given the royal decoration of Knight Grand Cross (first class) of the Most Exalted Order of the White Elephant. He was honored as a national hero.

But, the boys want to do the man who lost his life saving them proud as well. Over the weekend while still in the hospital, the soccer players wrote condolences on a picture of Saman and also posted with their hero’s picture as they wiped away their tears. They also prayed for him and his family. Saman was helping replace oxygen tanks when he collapsed and died because his tank went empty.

The boys, who are aged 11 to 16, decided a good way to honor Saman’s sacrifice was for them to live good lives much like he did. Video about Saman’s death and the team’s reaction can be seen viewed below.

The boys went into the cave for what was to be a one hour tour, but the soccer team became trapped for 18 days due to water flooding the ornate cave system.

The rescue was so complex that the boys had to be sedated to be taken through the waters of the cave. They were given anti-anxiety medication to prevent them from panicking throughout the long journey to safety. They continued wearing masks throughout the rescue even when they were submerged in water. This was done because oxygen levels in the cave had dropped so dramatically.

Video of the final rescue can be seen below.

Right after the boys were rescued, the main pump failed, causing water levels to quickly rise. Three Australian divers reported they heard screaming as workers deeper in the cave scrambled to reach dry ground. Miraculously, all remaining rescue workers made it out alive. Gunan was the only fatality.

Source: Faith Wire

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