Tebow hand surgery

Tim Tebow‘s hopes to be called up the Majors this year came crashing down with a season-ending injury. The former quarterback is in need of surgery after suffering a broken hamate bone in his right hand.

Many were hopeful that Tebow would be added to the New York Mets roster in September. Those plans will likely have to wait until next season as the recovery time is six to eight weeks for this surgery. He was injured in an at-bat with the Rumble Ponies against the Trenton Thunder last Thursday and was taken out of the game in the seventh inning because of pain in his hand.

The timing is unfortunate as Tebow had been batting .340 this month, increasing his odds of fulfilling his dreams of playing in the NFL and the MLB. Now those dreams are on hold and have taken a back seat to recovery.

As a 30-year-old, the Heisman trophy winner’s window for playing for the Majors is closing. The average age of a player for the Mets is 28. It’s going to take a lot of dedication, hard work, and prayers for this dream to become a reality, particularly after this season is now over for Tim Tebow.

Don’t count Tebow out, though. This man has overachieved everytime an obstacle has been put in his way, starting with his mother being given an alarming prenatal diagnosis and encouragement to abort him. Later on, Tim learned of his dyslexia but worked hard to learn how to read and overcome those challenges. Then again, he beat the naysayers by being chosen in the first round of the NFL draft.

Tim Tebow credits his faith in God as what propels him to keep moving forward. He is without a doubt leaning on God right now to overcome this. Tebow offers up prayers for many people daily, now it’s time for us to pray for his recovery.

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