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Schools aren’t properly preparing students. It’s amazing how many people graduate with a lack of common knowledge about not only world affairs, but the history of the United States as well.

Man on the street interviews highlight how much our education system has fallen. Young Americans don’t often have basic knowledge of our nation’s history. This is exposed by asking people on camera simple questions that many of us learned by the fifth grade. Take a look at Jay Leno’s quest for answers here.

Prager U sent Will Wilt to the Santa Monica beach to ask Californians why we celebrate on the Fourth of July. Some people did reply that we celebrate America’s independence, but others gave embarrassing answers.

Will then asked what happened in 1776. Their answers are an indictment of the California schools. Shockingly, many people didn’t know the answer. Many thought it had to do with Christopher Columbus.

“In 1776, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. That’s why they say it because it rhymes.” That’s wrong on 2 points. It doesn’t rhyme and in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

How do they not know such basic facts about American history? There is such a focus on teaching revisionist versions of American history that these people didn’t even know about our nation’s birth.

You will feel like a genius after watching the video below! Left coast folks often look down on other Americans for being conservative. They lecture us on our rights, yet they don’t even know basic American history!

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Their ignorance would be impressive if it wasn’t so alarming!

Mark Dice also masterfully trolls these liberals by asking similar questions. He had trouble finding people on a California beach who knew who won the Civil War! It’s funny until you remember that these people can vote! Their vote counts the same as yours!


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