gas station arsonist staten island

Police are asking for help identifying a man who sprayed gas around a gas station before lighting it on fire at a Staten Island 7-Eleven on Monday.

At 1:50 am, the man entered the store and purchased a gas container and $40 in gasoline. He was warned that he was buying too much gas for that can, but he insisted on buying additional gallons. This should have been a big clue that this man was up to no good. The man attempted to deflect concerns by saying he was going to also fill up his car’s tank. That was a lie.

Surveillance video revealed his sinister plan for all this gas.

The man can be seen spraying gas onto the ground before filling up the gas container. Then he doused the area around pumps. He then lit a piece of paper, which police believe is the receipt for his purchase from the 7-Eleven, and dropped it into the puddle of gasoline.

The entire area shot up in flames as the arsonist ran away. It’s remarkable that he was able to escape a fiery fate that easily could have been met right there at the scene of his crime

Thankfully, the gas station’s extinguisher system quickly put the flames out, but not before a 21-year-old man suffered internal injuries. That victim is hospitalized in serious, but stable condition. It’s despicable that an innocent man’s simple visit to the gas station proved to be life-threatening.

Police are searching for the arsonist in the video below. They state that he arrived in a blue minivan and was wearing a light long-sleeved shirt, dark shorts, and dark slippers.

Whoa! Thankfully only one person was hurt. That could have been much worse. Hopefully, the video goes viral and someone recognizes this creep! Justice must be served!

Source: NY Daily News

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