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Officer Convinced Burger King Employees Served Him Dirty Meat

Not only do cops have to be concerned with being shot and now a Florida police officer believes his food was tampered with at a Burger King.

Our police officers are under attack on a regular basis. Their jobs are always dangerous but during the Obama years, it became acceptable and even encouraged in some situations to be openly hostile to police. Not only do they have to be concerned with being shot, now a Florida cop believes his food was tampered with at a Burger King.

Officer Tim McCormick went to the fast-food chain to get a burger but he got much more than that. The cop says his burger was filled with dirt. We all have the right to expect that the people serving our food will not target us by doing obscene or disgusting things to our meal, but McCormick claims that is exactly what happened to him.

“I was the Officer who was served a burger at Burger King at 4004 Cleveland Avenue in Ft Myers with dirt in it,  At first I thought it was just burned old bacon, I was hungry and ate the burger,  at the last bite I saw dirt and grit on the burger.  In disgust, I threw it out of the window,” McCormick posted on Facebook.

He noted that his receipt was marked ‘POLICE’ which is something he had never seen before. McCormick believes this was done as an indication to kitchen staff to mess with his meal.

The Fort Myers area Burger King showed the police officer surveillance video of “his” food being prepared. While McCormick admits that he did not see any food being tampered with, he states the meal being prepared on video was not what he ordered, so he cannot be sure.

Whether what McCormick found in his burger was dirt or some sort of spice, it’s obvious to many of us that our police officers deserve to be treated with more respect than they are often given. Just the fact that our cops have to be concerned with someone messing with their food is appalling. These men and women put their lives on the line for our safety. They deserve better.

Source: Fox News

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