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The NFL season is quickly approaching which has many fans wondering if the National Anthem protests by these millionaire athletes will continue. Fortunately, we know that players on one team will definitely be standing.

The Dallas Cowboys are known as America’s Team and owner Jerry Jones is demanding that players live up to that nickname. Jones has stated that his players will be required to stand during the National Anthem. This is sure to infuriate liberals!

“As far as the Dallas Cowboys, you know where I stand, the team knows where I stand,” Jones said. “Our policy is you stand during the anthem, toe on the line.”

You can hear Jones draw a line in the sand on these protests in the tweeted video below.

Jones didn’t leave much room for discussion on this topic. While players have First Amendment rights, they do work for their NFL teams and are subject to rules. If the owner demands they stand, they will have to stand. It is part of the job. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is a big supporter of this announcement.

Just last season, Jones linked arms with players and knelt before the National Anthem in a sign of unity rather than a protest. This raised a lot of eyebrows from fans, but now Jones has made it clear where he stands which is on the line along with his NFL players.

In May, NFL owners voted to toss a requirement that players had to be on the field for the Anthem. This would have allowed them the opportunity to stay in the locker room rather than being disrespectful during the National Anthem. But, the NFL said that no new Anthem rules will be “issued or enforced” for several weeks.

The new season is almost here. We will soon find out if the unpatriotic protests will continue.

Source: Sports Illustrated

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