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In an interview with “Good Morning Britain,” Meghan Markle‘s father said quite a few things that are likely to create an even bigger rift between him and his daughter.

The Royal Family cannot publicly be involved in politics. They promote charitable events and issues but they refrain from dabbling in the world’s second oldest profession as they have to appear unbiased. But, Thomas Markle told Piers Morgan that Harry said President Trump should be “given a chance.” While this is a rather benign comment, it is not something a Royal should be saying publicly as it breaks protocol. Harry’s new father-in-law just threw his new son-in-law under the bus! Hopefully, this won’t cause too much of a stir at Kensington Palace.

“Our conversation was I was complaining about not liking Donald Trump, he said”‘give Donald Trump a chance,’” Markle said. “I sort of disagreed with that but I still like Harry. That was his politics, I had my politics.”

This news has interesting timing as it was recently announced that Queen Elizabeth will be meeting Donald and Melania Trump during their upcoming trip to the United Kingdom.


In addition to that, the Duchess of Sussex’s father said that Prince Harry had a favorable opinion about Brexit. Markle said that he believed Prince Harry was “open to the experiment” of Britain leaving the European Union. The tweeted video clip below is certainly going to cause some tension within the Royal Family.

Meghan Markle’s paternal family caused an ugly scene leading up to the Royal wedding. Her siblings brought their sideshow to every possible outlet in order to obtain 15 minutes of fame and her nephews are trying to cash in by selling marijuana under Meghan’s last name. So, this latest interview with her father cannot be helpful in alleviating the stress the Markles have caused Meghan.

It’s hard to imagine that the Royal Family was made aware of this interview before it took place. If that had been the case, Thomas Markle likely would have been prepped on handling the notoriously aggressive British media.

Source: Fox News

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