Rory joey feek marriage after death

It’s been 2.5 years since Joey Feek passed away from cancer. Her widow’s heart was broken, but his faith in God held strong. Joey and Rory showed us how Christians live and die with grace.

“My wife’s greatest dream came true today,” Feek wrote shortly after Joey died. “She is in Heaven. The cancer is gone, the pain has ceased, and all her tears are dry.”

In a recent interview, Rory said he still feels married to Joey even though she has passed away. Til death do us part appears to have an extension for Rory and Joey Feek. Their lives were intertwined professionally and personally. That is a huge adjustment for this widower to face.

“I feel just as married and just as in love, and I feel like she’s just as much of a part of our life as she was,” the grieving father said.

In the past two years, Rory has been focusing on raising his young daughter Indiana but he has returned to music. His future performances will remain a family affair as he plans on including Indiana.

“At some point (during a set), I’ll say, ‘I have a special guest in the audience,” Feek said. “And she’ll just come marching right up there. Then she’ll get all nervous on stage, but it’s just the cutest thing.”

As a child with Down Syndrome, Indiana has an abundance of happiness and love to share. Her infectious zeal for life helps fuel Rory. It must be comforting to include Indiana in his shows. It’s like having a piece of Joey still there alongside him. He recently shared an Instagram photo of Indiana enjoying the Nashville Symphony.

He said it wasn’t easy returning to performing. It was “surreal and strange, a little wrong in some ways. But on the side of it, it felt strangely familiar.” After losing his wife and partner, it had to be uncomfortable returning the stage but Rory is an entertainer and it’s hard to imagine her wanting him to give that up.

During his interview with CBS This Morning, Rory sang “A Little More Country Than That.” It’s rather melancholy to watch him perform without Joey, but life does go on.


Rory has shared how God has helped him carry on in his book “Once Upon A Farm.” Rory continued loving and serving God after his wife’s death. Rather than being bitter about losing Joey at a young age, he found comfort in God. We should all live with such grace.

Source: Western Journal

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