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It has been two years since Joey Feek went home to be with the Lord. The manner in which the country singer gracefully faced death was an inspiration to Christians around the country. The way that her widower Rory continues living on without her will continue that theme.

Rory has released a new book sharing his and his daughter, Indiana’s journey in the two years since their beloved Joey lost her battle with cancer. Indiana is now four years old and is walking. Rory said he has learned how to walk without Joey too, but she is always present.

In his book “Once Upon A Farm,” Rory reflects on how God has helped carry and lead him and his daughter through the tragedy of losing Joey.

“Life is so strange, where one story ended, another began,” he says in a video about the book. “This is not a ‘How To’ book. It is a how we, or how He, God, has worked in our hearts and is continuing to work in our lives now.”

As Rory speaks in the video in a somber tone, pictures of the farm he shared with Joey pass by on the screen. He and Indiana miss Joey greatly, but they have learned to move forward and are ever aware of her presence and the decisions they made as a family that still impact him.

“Last year, when I wrote the last chapter of our love story, I had to start a new one. One with just the baby and I,” Rory reflectively says. “I’ve come to realize that while my wife, Joey, had a gift for homesteading, what I’m probably best at is life-steading – growing love, life, and hope wherever you are planted.”

The video below will likely cause a lot of hope and encouragement for anyone who has faced a tragedy of this manner.


Rory continued loving and serving God after his wife’s death. Rather than being bitter about losing Joey at a young age, he found comfort in God. We should all live with such grace.

Rory Feek’s book “Once Upon A Farm” will be released June 19, but is now available for presale purchases.

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