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A video of Julia Roberts swearing about and defaming Republicans has resurfaced and is a good reminder that she is actually not a Pretty Woman.

It’s hard for some people to make a point without being vulgar. Many in Hollywood have this problem. They believe they are entitled to dictate our opinions. When they realize they don’t own us or our thoughts, it upsets them greatly.

We witnessed this on the eve of President Trump‘s summit with North Korea. Robert De Niro went on a tirade against our Commander-in-Chief during the Tony Awards. He was applauded as he called the President an idiot. Right before the President met with Kim Jung Un, De Niro also said, “First, I wanna say, ‘f*** Trump.’ It’s no longer ‘Down with Trump,’ it’s ‘f*** Trump.'”

In 2016, Julia Roberts dropped a whole lot of F-bombs in support of Hillary Clinton. Fortunately, the scandal-plagued former Secretary of State and Julia couldn’t swear their way into a win no matter how much foul language was used. This is pretty standard for Hollywood and another example as to why Donald Trump won.

Average Americans don’t like to be lectured or spoken down to. That is exactly what Julia Roberts did during a 2016 Broadway for Hillary fundraiser. She proved how incredibly out of touch Hollywood liberals are from the average voter. In addition to swearing repeatedly, Roberts also asked why liberals allow conservatives to own patriotism and religion.

“You have one job, you are a citizen. You are a citizen,” Roberts pontificated. “Okay, I’m a liberal. And I am proud of it. Why do conservatives think that people who don’t make serious dollars are not serious people? Why do we let the right wing claim patriotism and religion for themselves?”

Well, there are simple answers to those questions. Conservatives are the ones that want to give people a hand up rather than a handout. We want to teach people to support themselves rather than live on government assistance for a lifetime.

Conservatives stand for the National Anthem while many liberals take a knee and protest. Conservatives want an America First approach while liberals want a global economy.

Democrats actually removed God from the DNC platform. It’s hard to understand why Roberts wants liberals to claim religion when they pushed God out altogether!

The video below is yet another example of Hollywood being completely out of touch!

Source: One Hundred Percent Fed Up

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