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When Chip and Joanna Gaines announced the end of their smash hit “Fixer Upper” they said were ending the series to spend more time with their family. They have remained true to their word and their children are benefitting from that decision. Recently, Joanna shared some information about their 11-year-old daughter Ella that has many fans wondering if she will be following in their footsteps.

Ella apparently has inherited her parent’s terrific business sense as well as her mother’s creative side. She has created a summer business that will have customers lining up. The pre-teen is making banana pudding to sell when she goes into the office with Joanna.

This isn’t just any banana pudding. Remember that she is Joanna Gaines’ daughter, so it is packaged in an adorably rustic fashion. Customers will get Aunt Opal’s banana pudding in mason jars with wooden spoons either tied up or taped to the jar. Her presentation is attractively understated and highlights what a great entrepreneur she already is! She bypassed the typical lemonade stand and headed straight for irresistible desserts! She also is selling chocolate chip cookies from Joanna’s latest cookbook, the proud mother shared on Instagram.

Not only is Ella making money off her own baking endeavors, but she is doing it in a way that promotes Joanna’s cookbook “Magnolia Table” as well.

Walking away from “Fixer Upper” has definitely provided the Gaineses with more time to spend with their children. This was a must for them as they are soon expecting their fifth child. Chip and Joanna realize they will never get these years back and they want to relish and enjoy them in a way that the television show didn’t permit.

Both parents are enjoying getting more time in with their kids. Joanna shared an adorable Instagram picture of Chip along with a touching Father’s Day message.

Source: Western Journal

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