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IHOP Announced What Their New Name Stands For – People Are FURIOUS!

IHOP announced its new name will be IHOb. The "b" stands for burgers. Reaction was sudden and fierce. Many are wondering how long the company can survive.

IHOP got a lot of blowback last week when it announced it is changing its name to IHOb. The company is well known for its pancakes and people in this country don’t like anyone messing with their breakfast food. They finally announced what the ‘B’ stands for and the reaction is almost exclusively negative.

Pancakes are synonymous with IHOP. But, the restaurant chain has dropped the pancake part of its name and swapped it with burgers! The marketing department has just destroyed 60 years worth of branding. People are going to get fired over this!

The reactions were sudden and fierce. People don’t like change, particularly when it comes to breakfast food.

This big change comes at a pivotal time for the company. In February, it was announced that between 30 and 40 IHOPs will be closed. Last year, 23 IHOPs shut their doors. Now, it appears that the company is trying to reinvent itself, but at what cost?

Perhaps the most on-point comment is about how the ‘B’ is going to soon stand for bankruptcy! IHOP trying to identify as Denny’s or even McDonald’s is turning people off. I predict they will return to their name or have to quickly shutter their doors.

The Twitter reviews of IHOP burgers before the name change are not very encouraging. Sounds like they have inferior burgers, so why are they changing their entire brand around mediocrity?

A&W Restaurants joined in on the fun of mocking IHOb’s announcement. They pointed out how nonsensical this name change is in a hilarious tweet.

IHOb is trying to assure people that they will still be serving pancakes. These fools have failed Marketing 101. When you’re explaining, you’re losing. Their campaign should have been clear enough that this many of their customers weren’t worried their former signature dish was gone.

This is all bound to end with an apology and a bunch of pink slips. They began losing customers within minutes of this announced name change. Denny’s is likely to be the big winner of this debacle.

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