Diamond Silk NYC Interview

Diamond and Silk aren’t afraid to take their support of President Trump anywhere. These sisters proved that by heading to Capitol Hill for a Congressional hearing. But, they went a step further recently by going to New York City to ask liberals on the streets about President Trump.

The North Carolina sisters went to Harlem for an on the street Watters’ World segment and they came with some important questions to ask. They wanted to hear from people about the economy and if they felt they were “winning.” These folks felt the economy is booming and that they are winning, but they just couldn’t give credit to President Trump. Of course, Diamond and Silk weren’t about to give this nonsense a pass.

“How do you feel about president Donald Trump because he’s responsible for this booming economy?” the sisters asked people on the streets of Harlem.

One man said the President is a bigot and a racist, yet when Diamond asked why Donald Trump is a bigot, the man proved his ignorance by not being able to provide a single example!

The sisters weren’t giving anyone a free pass with their Never Trump talking points, and they really got people thinking by challenging them on their viewpoints.

After watching the video below, you’ll want Fox News to hire Diamond and Silk to do more Watters’ World segments!

It does seem like people are enjoying what President Trump is doing, they just don’t want to give him credit! Many disagree with his leadership style and Twitter habits but he uses Twitter to combat fake news. The platform helps him get out the truth!

It’s great to hear that people told them off camera that they love President Trump. Trump is certainly making a lot of headway into communities where Republicans traditionally haven’t done well. It’s a shame though that liberal pressure makes Americans feel they need to hide their support!

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