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Charles Barkley is someone who will tell you exactly what is on his mind. His no filter approach to life can be hilarious, but it can cause him some grief, too. Such was the case when he was on “Family Feud.”

Barkley and his co-hosts from “Inside the NBA” went up against their Major League Baseball counterparts. That’s when Charles shocked everyone with his answer to the question, “If a man’s zipper breaks in church what might he use to cover it up?” Barkley didn’t take any time to consider his response. He immediately replied, “a child.”

Everyone was shocked. Nobody on either team could believe that Barkley actually said that! Shaquille O’Neal said, “You’re going to get us all locked up!” The answer was so bad that Ernie Johnson gave up and went over to join the opposing team.

Barkley tried to fix it by correcting himself, but he made it worse. “I meant a baby!” he said. Everyone was laughing, but probably no one laughed more than Steve Harvey. The host was doubled over! He knew the clip would go viral.

But, Barkley had the last laugh. He didn’t understand why this answer was so “turrible” because standing behind a kid would cover up a broken zipper! Charles had an innocent mind in this scenario. But, he got revenge on everyone who thought he was going to be hauled off by the cops. When Harvey checked his answer with the responses, it was on the board! Barkley got some serious vindication.

The video below is sure to make you laugh!

Hiding behind a person sounds a lot better than hiding behind a child or a baby though! This made for some hilarious television! They should never doubt Charles Barkley again! They mocked him, but he was right!

Source: TMZ

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