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It’s hard to imagine a politician who owes more women an apology than Bill Clinton. Radical feminists have been giving his abuses a pass for decades, but Hillary Clinton’s husband is finally being asked about the consequences of his actions in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

Bill Clinton is on a very poorly timed book tour. He should be ready to answer questions about his treatment of women since it is currently such a hot topic thanks to his pal Harvey Weinstein. In addition to his multiple affairs, Bill Clinton has been accused of rape, just like the disgraced Hollywood mogul. The former president should be prepared for these questions. Instead, in recent interviews, he came off like a bumbling fool who tried to paint himself as Monica Lewinsky’s victim.

Hillary Clinton’s husband did such a poor job stumbling over his transgressions against women that he even lost the left-wing women of  “The View!” Bill Clinton no longer wields the power he once had over women. He’s a shell of the communicator he once was and finally, they realize that he is a manipulator who doesn’t take responsibility for his own actions!

Whoopi Goldberg attempted to portray Hillary Clinton as the ultimate victim in the Lewinsky affair, but Meghan McCain slammed that opinion by reminding the left-wingers that Monica Lewinsky’s life was destroyed by the Clintons. She will never get out from under that shadow. She was attacked from all sides, including Hillary!

The once beloved Bill Clinton has lost his image and his legacy. He’s even lost the women of  “The View” as you will see in the video below.

Bill Clinton should turn his book tour into an apology tour. He owes a long line of women apologies. But no member of the press will ask him the tough questions about the accusations launched against him.

Juanita Broaddrick is emphatic that she was raped by Bill Clinton forty years ago. She has been very vocal in her quest to have the former president asked about this by the mainstream media. When a conservative investigative journalist showed up at a book signing to ask Clinton about Broaddrick, she was escorted out by security. Bill Clinton doesn’t want Broaddrick’s name mentioned and the mainstream media continue complying with his demand.

Bill Clinton also owes Kathleen Willey an apology. The former White House aide insists then-President Clinton sexually assaulted her during his first term.

Gennifer Flowers is another woman who Clinton owes an apology. Their affair almost derailed his 1992 Presidential campaign. Clinton denied it at the time but later admitted to it under oath in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case. The Clintons and their comrades worked hard to smear Flowers in an attempt to discredit her. When speaking to the press about Flowers, Clinton operative James Carville said, “If you drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.” This is hardly acceptable language against women, yet the media and other Clinton cultists lapped it up.

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