Archie Bunker jewish funeral

All In The Family” was one of the most beloved shows of the 1970s. Archie Bunker was not politically correct and that’s what we loved about him. Many of us could relate to his unfiltered comments about the changing world.

Archie Bunker found himself in an awkward position when he was asked to give the eulogy for his good friend Stretch Cunningham. However, he didn’t learn that Stretch was Jewish until he showed up for the funeral!

Archie had assumed Stretch was Christian, so he asked Meathead to help him “Jesus” up the eulogy. Imagine Archie’s shock when he found out that his eulogy wouldn’t be appropriate!

He literally had seconds to compose himself before he started speaking but he pulled himself together and fumbled through it in typical Bunker style! Archie hilariously expressed his shock that Stretch never told him he was a Jew.

“I wouldn’t have believed that Stretch was a Jew because he wasn’t a doctor or a lawyer or in the dress business. He was just like myself — an ordinary hard working stiff,” Archie said as he stood in front of the casket.

Archie then proceeded to tell them one of Stretch’s jokes from work, much to the shock of the grieving people at the funeral.

The video clip below is classic Archie Bunker. He stumbled through his speech and cited many stereotypes, but there was an overall theme of love. Archie loved everyone, even Meathead. He just had a less formal way of showing it.

This really brought out Archie’s softer side. He obviously loved his friend Stretch very much. He didn’t care what religion Stretch was. He only felt bad that Stretch felt he needed to keep that private. Archie would have always accepted him.

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