Tim Tebow Bat Boy down syndrome

Tim Tebow has done it again. He is making enormous strides in his second career as a professional athlete. He broke through in the NFL and now’s he’s having the same success in baseball. With his second three-run homer of the season, Tebow supporters are cheering louder than ever.

He clobbered the ball with two players on base during his team’s game against the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. The last time he did this was last month during his first at-bat with the Double-A Binghamton Rumble Ponies. It was the Heisman Trophy winner’s only hit of the day and he made it count. Team management was very pleased with the former quarterback’s performance.

Tebow’s performance in the minor leagues has been so successful that some believe he will eventually get called up by the Mets. He keeps surprising those who never thought he would be able to transfer his NFL success over to baseball. But, his team manager is impressed with how Tebow is playing in his first season in Double-A.

“That’s what we want,” Rumble Ponies Manager Luis Rojas said. “Some of the things we’ve seen from him is fouling pitches off, pitches he can do damage with. We want to keep his contact between the lines. He’s a guy who’s going to hit the ball with velocity off his bat. He has to give himself a chance to put the ball in play fair.”

There is some significance with this home run. It’s quite telling that both of the Christian athlete’s home runs this season have brought in three runs. It’s easy to see the symbolism of the Trinity in those three runs, like the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Watch the crowd go wild during Tebow’s latest home run in the video below!

It is so terrific to see someone so dedicated to performing so well. Tim Tebow‘s love for God and his determination to succeed really shine through in everything he does!

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