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Environmentalists have declared a war on hygiene. A startup company called Organic Basics has increased the gross factor by manufacturing and promoting underwear they claim only needs to be washed every couple of weeks. At least we will be able to know when these tree huggers are approaching.

Organic Basics mission might seem disgusting because it is. They believe washing your underwear after a day’s use is wasteful and a tradition that needs to go. The twenty-somethings running this company want to substitute cleanliness for stinkiness.

“Our business is sustainable fashion. The traditional way of buying, wearing, washing and throwing away overpriced underwear is a terrible waste of resources. And it is extremely harmful to the environment,” CEO Mads Fibiger said.

Organic Basics claim their underwear has a secret ingredient – silver. This is supposed to purify the dirty underwear without washing it. Not sure how that works. Most of us learned at a young age there is no substitute for soap and water. Even when you spray perfume and cologne on a dirty body, it’s still dirty. Putting on the same unwashed underwear for weeks claiming it is clean is like putting lipstick on a dirty, smelly pig.

“It works. You can wear our underwear much longer before washing. You save time and money while we reduce the waste of water and energy,” Mads Fibiger continued.

I guess you do save time and money because nobody is going to want to be around you. You’ll have plenty of time to sit at home and think of new ways to save the planet, alone and unwashed.

These hipster undergarments come with a hefty price tag, so it’s unlikely that customers will be saving much money anyhow. A two pack of boxer briefs will set treehuggers back $64 and the same amount of thongs will cost $56.

The company’s Kickstarter is hoping to get this product to the market soon. There appear to be plenty of people who want to wear dirty underwear as the company has tripled its $30,000 goal. No word on whether they will be offering complimentary antibiotics to offset any infections this dirty endeavor will cause. I wonder if Al Gore will stop washing his underwear and join the cause!

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Source: Business Insider

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