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Being a new parent isn’t always sunshine and giggles. Many people assume having a newborn is the honeymoon phase of parenting. This is not always the case. In addition to the lack of sleep, there are plenty of other challenges that accompany having a brand new baby. Audrey and Jeremy Roloff learned this the hard way after Ember was born.

Last September, just five days after giving birth, Audrey developed mastitis. She shared this information at the time with fans and tried to adjust to the pain and discomfort. But, until a recent episode of “Little People, Big World” aired, we didn’t know the extent of this new family’s struggles.

Ember had a very challenging time breastfeeding, especially when it came to latching on. Audrey was nursing Ember every hour and the baby was still losing weight! A specialist informed the new parents that their daughter had a severe lip tie and needed surgery. Not only did they have to deal with exhaustion and concern about their daughter’s weight loss, but she needed surgery as well! They got a crash course in the rollercoaster life of parenting!

You can hear their frustration and concern in the video below. They were very worried about their newborn daughter. Audrey even said she feels “robbed of the joy” of having a newborn.

As if Audrey didn’t have enough concerns, mommy shamers came after her. Audrey confessed that she was let down when the doctor said she needed to supplement Ember’s feedings with formula. She intended to exclusively breastfeed and she felt like she failed. When she admitted to her original feelings about formula, other moms pounced.

“I was very adamant about breastfeeding exclusively. Formula was, like, a sin,” Audrey laughed. “I just never thought I would do that but at the same time, I need to feed my baby, so we have to do it.”

Formula feeding moms got upset that Audrey thought formula was a “sin” before she used it herself. Audrey laughed at her initial opinion, but that didn’t appease these women who are just looking to attack. One woman even said she wanted to slap the exhausted mother!

If women can’t accept other mother’s choices on how they choose to feed their own children, perhaps they should pick up the remote control and watch something else!

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